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Ground Maintenance at TLC
With over 20 years of experience we will take care of all of your ground maintenace from weekly cuts to flower beds, planting and mulching, TLC can do it all. Below is just a small sample of our work.

Tarleton Landscaping TLC
TLC Tarleton Landscaping

Tarleton & Family Landscaping Co. is North Jeresy's top Landscaping team for all your year round services. From snow removal to Landscape design, we can do it all. Spring is right around the corner, so contact us today for a free consulation for all your Landscaping needs. With over 20 years of experience and hands on ownership TLC will bring your dreams to reality.

• Landscape Planning
• Snow Removal
• Ground Maintenace
• Pool Design
• Patios
• Driveways
• Walls
• Walkways

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Excellent service. Very professional. Mike is on top of everything and is very accessible, even to deal with minor things. We also use TLC for our irrigation system as well as for snow removal. They also did a really nice job with some plantings in the spring. Very happy with TLC year round!!!
- Ramon H

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